Use cbb752(at) for general correspondence and questions. 


 Name Office   Email
Mark Gerstein Bass 432A

Guest Instructors

 Name      Office  Email
 Corey O'Hern  Mason Laboratory  corey.ohern(at)
 Jesse Rinehart  West Campus  jesse.rinehart(at)
Matthew Simon West Campus  matthew.simon(at)
 Kei Cheung  300 George St  kei.cheung(at)
 Steven Kleinstein  300 George St  steven.kleinstein(at)

Consultation is available UPON REQUEST or according to times stipulated by the individual instructors. Prof Gerstein's office office hours will usually be right after some the classes.  

Teaching Fellows

 Name      Office  Email
 Michael Rutenberg Schoenberg  Bass 437  michael.rutenbergschoenberg(at)
 Yao Fu  Bass 437  yao.fu(at)